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All-in-one kitchen pack!


All-in-one Kitchen pack (1100g)


  1.  Cinnamon Sticks ( Indian)
  2.  Nutmeg
  3.  Cinnamon (Srilankan)
  4.  Star Anise
  5.  Dried Bay Leaf
  6.  Nutmace
  7.  Black/ Big Cardamom
  8.  Green Cardamom
  9.  Cloves
  10.  Dried Rock Flower
  11.  Black Pepper
  12.  Poppy Seeds
  13.  Cumin Seeds
  14.  Fennel Seeds
  15.  Marathi Moggu


  • These are 100% Raw Spices. Each one of them are selected from the best of its origins. That’s why each one of them will give you an amazing aroma
  • Also these are specially hand cleaned to remove any sort of foreign impurities
  • These are packed locally & sourced ethically. These raw Indian spices are exported across the globe
  • Being a contemplative package, this combination of spices is determined after several feedback from many homemakers specialist to make sure that your kitchen league is complete with these spices
  • These Natural Spices release ecstatic aroma & leaves behind a finger licking taste
  • Add it to soups, stews, meat dishes and vegetarian dishes. In reality, the options are endless because you can sprinkle it on whatever you like

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